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Performance Path BC Building Code

home inspections The December 19th, 2014 Building code changes in British brought on many new aspects. One of the most significant was the inclusion of the Section 9 .36, The National Building code standard for Energy Efficiency in New home Construction. British Columbia is one of the first provinces to adopt this next step towards improving energy efficiency in its new construction housing.

New higher effective insulation levels are needed a s well as minimum efficiencies for mechanical heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water equipment. The ventilation requirements have also changed to ensure that our homes have adequate fresh air to ensure healthy indoor air quality. This is needed now more than ever since the improvements to our new homes are making them even better sealed and “tighter” allowing less draft air from infiltrating the building envelope.

There are a few options towards compliance to the new BC Building Code. The first one is the Prescriptive Path where a builders must install at least the minimum requirements as per the new code levels in the new homes. Naturally, this has proven to cause many changes to the ways the home is built along with raised construction costs. The average sized new home is known to cost approximately $10,000 to comply with new the levels R values and other requirements needed compared with the previous Code levels.

This is where we come in as the other alternative to Building Code compliance. The Performance Path has proven to be extremely effective to comply with BCBC. The home is evaluated by a Code Specialized Certified Energy Advisor. The analysis of the plans is done on the home that is intended to be built using custom assemblies, walls etc, even they may fall under the prescribed levels. The idea is that if the Proposed House intended to be built requires less energy for heating, cooling, hot water ventilation than the Reference House (same house built to minimum prescribed standards), then we can issue a Compliance report for building permit. The best part about this is that the builder and the Energy Advisor can consult back and forth to see what assemblies and mechanical systems work best for the home to get to compliance.

This method is extremely effective with all types of homes. Large custom homes where window glazing may have a very larger area, Log homes where the performance path is the only alternative due to the nature of the wood walls and for any other type of home that may be looking to comply with the new code in the most cost effective way possible.

Did you know?

That 90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine is used to heat the water?

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