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BC Retrofit Rebates & Grants

To the right of this page you will to see a menu with the grants/rebates available for making your BC home more energy efficient. Simply click on the home system or feature that you wish to upgrade, and you will be directed to a page with the corresponding cash incentives and/or savings that apply to BC residents.

Below is the list of forms needed to apply for FortisBC and BC Hydro Incentives:

Bonus Offer and Draftproofing Application

Home Energy Rebate Offer - Form B (Utility Account Holder Concent Form)

Home Energy Rebate Offer Application - Multi Party

Home Energy Rebate Offer Application - Single Party

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The pricing and policies information for Total Home Solutions' services in BC can be found by visiting the on Cost of Evaluation page.


Improve your home's energy efficiency for valuable rebates


The Home Energy Rebate Offer is provided in partnership by BC Hydro Power Smart and FortisBC1. A wide variety of incentives help make it easy for you to reduce ongoing energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.


Did you know?

If atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations can be stabilized at 450 ppm, it is thought that there will be a 50% chance of avoiding dangerous climate change?

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  • I booked an evaluation because I was planning to replace my furnace and wanted to qualify for the government rebates. The Total Home advisor that came to my home pointed out that if I added extra insulation to my attic, I would be able to receive a good amount for that as well as save money on my energy bills. I really appreciated having that information.
Rob - Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Your company is by far the best company I have ever dealt with in terms of customer service. Your follow through is outstanding and you are never “too busy” to listen or help out in any way so we as a contractor can accomplish our goals and meet our customer’s needs.
Diane - Yorkton, Saskatchewan