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Attic Insulation

Provincial Attic Insulation Grants

Eligible Improvements



Increase Attic Insulation

Existing insulation R-12 or less. Upgrade to achieve a minimum of R-50 *


$Please Call 

Existing Insulation R-13 – R-25. Upgrade to achieve a minimum of R-50


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Existing Insulation R-26 – R-35. Upgrade to achieve a minimum of R-50


$Please Call

Increase Cathedral or Flat Roof Insulation

No existing insulation. Upgrade to achieve a minimum of R-14 *


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Existing Insulation R-1 – R-12. Upgrade to achieve a minimum of R-28 *


$Please Call

Existing Insulation R-13 – R-35. Upgrade to achieve a minimum of R-50


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Did you know?

That transportation accounts for about ¼ of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and is a major contributor to smog in cities?

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  • The advice I received from Total Home Solutions was very insightful and provided me with specific detail that I could incorporate into my home renovations. Further to the comprehensive evaluation of our home, they provided a thorough explanation of their findings and offered specific advice on how to improve our energy rating.
Jason - Mississauga, Ontario
  • Built Rite Homes has worked with Total Home Solutions over the past several years. Together we have enrolled, modeled, and tested a number of Built Green and ENERGYSTAR certified homes. Their knowledge of the various aspects of energy certification and testing is outstanding. This has allowed us to attain our overall goal to build High Performing Homes with the goal of reducing long term operating costs and provide a more comfortable living experience for our clients. In addition they have helped us to stay abreast of the constantly changing (and sometimes confusing) world of rebates available from Governments and energy providers.
Rob “Built Rite Homes”