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Basement & Other Insulation

Provincial Grants for Insulation

Eligible Improvements



Increase Basement Insulation

Add at least R-23 for 100% of surface area


$Please Call 

Add at least R-23 for 80% of surface area


$Please Call

Add at least R-23 for 60% of surface area


$Please Call

Add at least R-10 for 100% of surface area


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Add at least R-10 for 80% of surface area


$Please Call

Add at least R-10 for 60% of surface area


$Please Call

For the following items - 100% coverage required. Incentive pro-rated based on coverage before upgrade

Basement Header

Add at least R-20


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Crawl Space Wall

(can qualify for only this rebate or Floor Above Crawl Space rebate)

Add at least R-23


$Please Call

Add at least R-10


$Please Call

Floor Above Crawl Space

Add at least R-24


$Please Call

Exposed Floor

Add at least R-20 (150 sq. ft. minimum)


$Please Call 


Did you know?

If atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations can be stabilized at 450 ppm, it is thought that there will be a 50% chance of avoiding dangerous climate change?

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