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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions. The answers for these questions are taken from Natural Resources Canada's ecoEnergy Retrofit - Homes FAQ page. We encourage you to check out NRCan's FAQs if your question is not answered below, and of course you can contact an Total Home customer service agent at any of our locations during office hours.

Could you explain in simple terms how this program works?

  1. You must get a home energy evaluation before you do upgrades in order for the upgrades to qualify
  2. You will receive an home owners report as part of your home energy evaluation—this report contains recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  3. This report includes Provincial Government grant amounts for each suggested upgrade
  4. After reading your report you may choose how many of the recommended energy upgrades to do to your home
  5. After the retrofits are complete you get a second home energy evaluation by calling us.
  6. You will receive a Provincial grant cheque, within 90 days of your second energy assessment.

What types of properties are eligible?

The ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program offers grants to owners of low-rise residential properties defined under Parts 2 and 9 of the National Building Code of Canada. These include single detached and attached homes (e.g. row housing, duplexes and triplexes), small multi-unit residential buildings as described in the next question, four-season cottages, mobile homes on a permanent foundation and permanently-moored floating homes. All properties must be located in Canada and occupied for at least six months. In order to have an energy evaluation, the state of the home must be such that it is possible for your energy advisor to perform a blower-door test.

What if I lose my receipts?

In order to receive a grant for a particular upgrade, you must keep all receipts for purchase and installation for three years and provide copies to your energy advisor at the post-retrofit evaluation. Without receipts, you cannot receive a grant. If you lose a receipt, contact the store, your contractor, credit card company or bank to determine if they can provide a valid proof of purchase.

What state must the home be in to have an energy evaluation?

In order to have an energy evaluation, the energy advisor needs to perform a blower door test which depressurizes the house and measures air leakage. The following are other conditions of the program:

  • Heating: At a minimum, the house must have a space heating system in place at the time of the evaluation and it must be (or have been in the case of heating system failure) capable of keeping the interior living space at 21 degrees C.
  • Windows and doors: The house must have all windows and doors in place. However, a maximum of one window or door unit can be missing as long as it is temporarily air sealed (e.g., covered with plywood and seams and edges sealed with caulking). Any broken window panes must be air sealed (e.g., taped polyethylene) for the duration of the blower door test.
  • Envelope: If the temporary air sealing fails during the blower door test, the house will be considered ineligible. The building envelope, which includes the upper level ceilings, exterior walls, exposed floors, windows and doors, must be intact, including the interior and exterior surfaces (i.e., the interior finish and exterior siding must be in place). Any renovations underway in rooms or sections of the house can only affect interior partitions and not perforate the building envelope.
  • Foundation: The house must rest on its permanent foundation(s).
  • Power: There must be a supply of standard AC electrical power available by which to operate the blower door test equipment. If power is not available from a utility, the homeowner must come to an agreement with the service organization about arranging for a suitable power supply.
  • Water and sewer: There must be a functional supply of domestic water supplied by the municipality or from a private source such as a well or a cistern system. Sewer service must be provided by the municipality, a private septic system or a holding tank (outhouses and bio-toilets are permissible as toilets).
  • Operating kitchen: The kitchen space must include: an operable sink (or appropriate rough-ins); an operating stove (no portable devices) or hook-ups (i.e., rough-in for electrical connection with dedicated breaker, gas appliance rough-in, or solid-fuel fired cook stove chimney); and a minimum of six square feet (0.5 square metres) of counter space or evidence of future intent to install a permanent counter (not just a kitchen table).

Homeowners who have concerns should discuss their specific house issues with an Total Home Customer Service Agent. NRCan reserves the right to make the final decision based on program intent.

Are renovations I started before my pre-retrofit evaluation eligible?

No. Only renovations started after obtaining a pre-retrofit energy evaluation (since April 2007) are eligible for a government grant. Energy advisors record baseline information on equipment present at the time of the pre-retrofit and post-retrofit evaluations.

What is the final deadline to participate in the Federal program?

New and past participants have until March 31, 2012, to register, obtain their pre-retrofit evaluation (if they have not already received one), complete their retrofits, obtain their post-retrofit evaluation and sign the Application Form. However, program registration will close without notice if it appears that funds will be fully expended before that date.

Evaluations taking place after March 31, 2012, will not be eligible for a federal grant. Simply booking an evaluation appointment by the deadline is not sufficient. There can be no exceptions or extensions for any reason (including, but not limited to, unavailability of energy advisors) as NRCan's financial authority under current programming ends on that date. You should schedule your post-retrofit evaluation at the earliest possible date since it may be difficult to book an appointment as the program nears the end date.

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  • I booked an evaluation because I was planning to replace my furnace and wanted to qualify for the government rebates. The Total Home advisor that came to my home pointed out that if I added extra insulation to my attic, I would be able to receive a good amount for that as well as save money on my energy bills. I really appreciated having that information.
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