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Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses

Apr 24, 2012

Thinking of ways to make your home more energy efficient? The
Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses (SEGH) program is available from April
1st, 2011
to October 31st, 2013 and offers
provincial grants for home improvements that lower energy costs, improve comfort
and reduce your home’s impact on the environment.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Find out where your energy dollars go
  • Learn how your appliances use energy
  • Find out how your home's energy use compares to other homes
  • Grants to help cover a portion of your retrofit expenses
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and help our environment

How Do I Apply?

  1. Book a pre-retrofit evaluation.
  2. Contact Total Home Solutions 1-888-860-1766 to book a pre-retrofit evaluation. A pre-retrofit evaluation
    must be completed to qualify for a provincial grant. The last day to have
    a pre-retrofit evaluation completed is June 30th, 2013. There is a
    cost for the evaluation, please discuss the evaluation costs with the service
    organization at the time of booking, including mileage if applicable. The
    Province of Saskatchewan pays for ½ the cost of the pre-retrofit evaluation, up
    to $150, to reduce the upfront cost to homeowners. The service organization will
    only charge you the difference.

  3. Evaluation & review the results. An energy advisor will come to
    your house and perform an energy evaluation, consisting of a basement to attic
    review of your home and a blower door test to measure air tightness and help
    locate air leakage. You will receive a homeowner report approximately two weeks
    after your evaluation with a list of recommended measures, eligible grant
    amounts, and an EnerGuide rating label specific to your home.

  4. Complete your retrofits. You have 18 months from the date of your
    pre-retrofit evaluation or until October 31st, 2013, whichever comes
    first, to complete your retrofits and have your post-retrofit evaluation
    completed. You can complete any or all of the recommendations outlined in the
    homeowner report.

  5. Book a post-retrofit evaluation. A post-retrofit evaluation
    must be completed to qualify for a grant. Book an evaluation with the
    same SEGH service organization that completed your initial evaluation prior to
    the 18 month deadline or October 31st, 2013, whichever comes first.
    Make sure to call your Service Organization early to book a post-retrofit
    evaluation to ensure they can schedule your appointment prior to the deadline.
    Be sure to have your SEGH file number available when you call (it is located on
    your homeowner report).

    An energy advisor will come to your house and
    perform a new energy evaluation, reviewing the changes you made and will retest
    your home using the blower door test to measure air tightness after your
    retrofits. You will receive a new EnerGuide rating label that reflects the
    improvements that you made to the overall efficiency of your home.

    The Province of Saskatchewan also pays for ½ the cost of the post-retrofit
    evaluation, up to $100, to reduce the cost to homeowners. The service
    organization will only charge you the difference.

  6. Receive your grant. After your post-retrofit evaluation your service
    organization will submit your file. You do not need to do anything else. A grant
    cheque will be mailed to you within 90 days.

Note: Your energy advisor is required to take pictures of your
home and specific equipment during the pre- and post-retrofit evaluations. You
need to retain all of your receipts for retrofits completed and they must be
available at the post-retrofit evaluation.


Did you know?

Installing aerators on your taps and showers uses half the water with the same water pressure.

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  • I booked an evaluation because I was planning to replace my furnace and wanted to qualify for the government rebates. The Total Home advisor that came to my home pointed out that if I added extra insulation to my attic, I would be able to receive a good amount for that as well as save money on my energy bills. I really appreciated having that information.
Rob - Kelowna, British Columbia
  • I wasn’t aware of the program until two days before my new furnace was to be installed. I called Total Home Solutions and they were able to squeeze a time in for my evaluation the next day. The advisor they sent was very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that plans on having an energy evaluation done on their home.
Dan - Vancouver, British Columbia