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Government Rebates for Energy Efficiency

Welcome to our Solutions Page - To the right is a navigation menu with the available government rebates for your energy-efficiency options when thinking about purchasing upgraded systems or features for your home. Our general recommendations and advice can be found by clicking on the feature you wish to upgrade.

Home Renovations Planning Process

  1. Before you undertake any energy efficiency renovations, call us Toll free at 1-888-860-1766 and hire one of our Natural Resources Canada Certified Energy Advisors to perform an energy evaluation of your home. Our advisor will give you a pre-retrofit evaluation report.
  2. We recommend that you get renovation estimates from at least 3 companies/contractors when selecting improvements to your home. Have your chosen trades/contracting company implement the recommended energy upgrades, and make sure that your Total Home post-retrofit evaluation can be completed before the expiration date of the current federal/provincial grant/rebate programs applicable to you.
  3. Call us back at any of our locations or book online to have one of our energy advisors perform your post-retrofit evaluation, to confirm your home's new energy rating and to submit your grant application. Be sure to keep all your receipts.
  4. Wait to receive your government grant/rebate cheque!

Did you know?

That wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the world?

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  • We have completed our energy evaluation process and have seen a huge change in our gas bills. They are consistently 1/3 to 1/4 of what they previously were. We are very impressed. Thank you!
Ron - Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Just to let you know that your help and good customer service is greatly appreciated. We will surely recommend your company to our friends who might be interested in ecoENERGY Evaluations. Great job from start to finish!
David - Surrey, British Columbia